Disclosure! This is based on the stories I heard from my family growing up! It is a very “family tradition” telling of ways to deal with the Fae. Mind you, my whole family passes down two things “very important” about the Fae, and then a bunch of tid-bit stuff. 1.) We…


Anonymous asked:

Um, sorry if this is a stupid question, but what's the deal with mirrors? Why would someone need to ward them? Technically, they're glass and metallics, which is why there's the reflection. So how can a mirror hold such power? I'd really love to know.

pomegranateandivy answered:

Mirrors are items of power. They’re gateways. Mirrors are connected strongly to the element of water, and the realm of the dead. They don’t reflect our world perfectly, there are impurities in mirror surfaces, and they don’t reflect back 100% of the light that touches them. They absorb light constantly. This means they’re always charging. The association to mirrors and spirits is mostly likely through water. Water is the element of death and spirits. Reflective surfaces, including still water (read scrying) have been used to communicate with the dead for a very long time. So it’s not hard to see how a reflective surface of a mirror could be used to replace the reflective surface of water as a method of communing with spirits. Whether mirrors have always served as a gateway for spirits, or that has become more true as the conscious collective has believed it, doesn’t really matter. The end result is the same: that many spirits find it easy to communicate through mirrors. 

Think of all the children’s games where you summon a spirit. Blood Mary needs a mirror. The game where you see your face aged for when you’ll die, needs a mirror. My mother taught me a game with a mirror where you can see the name of the person you’ll marry, or how many children you’ll have. The facts are just such that mirrors make “Seeing” easier, for both humans and spirits, and that they are constantly collecting energy. This makes them good channels for communication, but also means that something can use that channel without your permission as well. Most people never notice how odd mirrors are, because they don’t take note of things that are off. The problem tends to arise when you take note of something weird, because all of a sudden whatever had caused it to be weird, notices that you saw it, and gets interested. 

I hope this helps, but taurotrickster will be better able to explain than me


This reminds me of the spirits I saw in the mirror about a year ago. It was weird. (More on that later though. But this explains why I saw them in the mirror and not when I looked where they should have been standing. I saw them in the reflection of the tv too when it was off).


deergoths asked:

do you have any recs/resources for college witches living in dorms? im gonna have a roommate and i dont know how he feels about witchcraft... plus i cant bring most of my materials with me :(

natural-magics answered:

some suggestions for discreet/hidden altars (or places to keep materials):

the shelf altar: even though it’s out in the open, it’ll likely look like an innocuous arrangement of pretty things and mementos on a shelf to non-witchy or non-pagan folks. this can also be done on a nightstand or in a special corner on your desk, if you have one.

the drawer altar: simply an altar set up inside a drawer, where people usually aren’t likely to look (and it might just look like a collection of pretty things or mundane personal possessions)

the closet altar: set it up in a corner or shelf within your closet, behind clothes/scarves/etc, where people aren’t likely to look

the mini travel style altar: How to Make Altoid Tin Traveling Altars

the box/portable altar: this can involve storing your altar supplies in a box (be it a shoe box or a fancy wooden box) and when you need to do a spell/ritual/meditation, take everything out and use the box as a platform to set everything up on — jewelry boxes could be used similarly, depending on the size

alternatives for candles and incense:

LED or flameless candles (battery powered) — you can find these in a lot of places, like Bed Barth & Beyond, Target, for sale on-line, and even at dollar stores. there are tea lights, votive candles and medium to large pillar candles, some are even scented!

if you can’t use incense to represent the element of Air, you could use a feather instead. for the scent, oil warmers and diffusers create little to no smoke. while they are a bit harder to find, there are battery powdered ones, too. you will get the benefit of the scent that you’d get from incense. same goes for plug-in or non-plug-in air fresheners, another alternative.



I was asked to create an exorcism kit as a gift. I think I met the challenge.

In order:

Lunar Water
Created beneath a full moon for the cleansing and consecration of objects, spaces and beings.

Waters of Dispersion
A formula from the Ars Philtron, “With it disperse noxious spirits and flocculum abomini.”

Waters of Severity
Also from the Ars Philtron, “A Compound Water for Exorcism in instances of stubborn hauntings.”

Ash and Herb Salts
For the exorcism of spirits, protection and the breaking of curses.

Iron Salts of Negation
For the warding, disruption and disabling of paranormal entities.

My take on a demon bowl and a desert rose selenite, to work in conjunction. The bowl binds while the desert rose transmutes malicious energy and returns it to the earth.



This is a list of tid-bits that I find useful in aiding the Domestic Witch in creating a comfortably witchy home.

1. Spray a bit of perfume, drops of essential oils, or room spray on light bulbs to make a room smell fresh and add a magickal aura according to the sent…